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“No gay pride were I com from” – “Rainbow Refugees Munich” – “We need Stonewall everywhere in the world” sprachen mich kürzlich Plakate auf dem CSD in München an und erinnerten mitten in unserem bunten Treiben daran, dass es um die Rechte der LGBT-Community vielerorts sehr schlecht bis tödlich schlecht bestätigt ist.

Dieses Themas nimmt sich kommenden Montag die Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung an und lädt zu Vortrag und Diskussion ins Hansa-Haus. Nachstehend der Einladungstext, der mir heute übermittelt wurde:

LGBTIQ rights are a hard fought issue in many countries, but particularly in Africa. This is the leading cause for gays and lesbians to seek refuge outside their own countries, away from their friends and family, with an uncertain future. Regarding the State Sponsored Homophobia Report (2016) of the International LGBTIQ Association (ILGA) “Same-sex sexual acts” are illegal and partly even punished by death in 72 countries. Thirty-three of these countries are in Africa. Even in South Africa with its most liberal attitude toward gays and lesbians violence and social discrimination against South African LGBTIQ is still widespread. There are some rays of hope. In many African states homosexual activity between adults has never been criminalised. Legalisation is underway in Angola, Mauritius, Tunisia, and Botswana. Swaziland recently had its first Gay Pride. We have still a long way to go!

What are the main issues the LGBTIQ community in Africa has to deal with? What can european countries do to help LGBTIQ rights in Africa. How does the progress in Africa looks like? These and more questions can be discussed with our experts.

Impulse: Status quo of LGBTIQ

Thozama Njobe, department for strategy, campaigns and intelligence in the Democratic Alliance Federal Head Office;
Victor Pilirani Chikalogwe, gender and human rights activist;
Roberto Miguel Quintas, local Government Public Representative & Cape Town Metro LGBTIQ Chairman;
Marina Schuster, former Member of the German Parliament

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